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✧ Your package is shipped from Canada, and I will personally handle the packaging and shipping of your order with the utmost care & attention. Should you wish to include a custom message in the parcel, please feel free to get in touch with me! ♡ 

✧ All shipping methods come with a tracking number to ensure your pieces of jewelry arrives safely at your house! 


As each item is meticulously handmade by me with the greatest attention to detail, the preparation of your order may take approximately between 1-3 weeks before it's ready to ship. 

I am dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality jewelry possible. Each piece of jewelry is unique, with slight variations from one to another, highlighting the unique charm that sets independent artists apart from mass-produced brands. Each piece is unique, enchanting, and brimming with magic! 

✧Kindly ensure that your shipping information is accurate. I cannot be responsible for packages that are undelivered due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.  
* Please note that shipping times are approximate. Estimated may vary in certain cases. Additionally, the shipping time may be longer during peak season and holidays. Thank you for understanding.  


If you are uncertain about the size of the finger for the ring you plan to wear, I highly recommend visiting the closest jewelry shop to get a free sizing. Remember, the band's width significantly impacts the ring size, so make sure to inform the jeweler about the desired band width of the ring you intend to wear and buy from me (The band width can be found in the rings product descriptions). You can always write to me if you have any questions. Thank you! ♡  

✧ If a sizing mistake is made on your end, I will be happy to resize the ring for you, but please note that the cost of shipping the ring back to me and then back to you will be your responsibility, so it's important to verify your size meticulously. Thank you. 


Should your jewelry become dirty, you can gently clean it using an old toothbrush with warm water and dish soap. Only do this cleaning when necessary. 

Common inquiries regarding my jewelry: 

Q: Can I take a shower with my jewelry?  

A: Yes, but over time, it might alter the oxidation of my jewelry. Since I use a lot of oxidation (darkening) to enhance my details, after showering, make sure to rinse your jewelry thoroughly, ensuring no soap residue remains on the pieces. 

(No, if you got an opal stone in it.)  

Q: Can I go to the pool with my jewelry?  

A: No, because swimming pools often contain chlorine, which can react with sterling silver and gold, potentially leading to a change in color over time. If you happen to forget to remove it, make sure to rinse and dry it with clean water afterward. 

Q: Can I go in sea salt water with my jewelry? 

A: No. Saltwater can corrode and leave deposits on your jewelry, which ought to be cleaned off. It's best to remove your jewelry before entering the water. If you happen to forget, make sure to rinse and dry it with clean water afterward. 

Q: Will my jewelry last long? 

A: Yes, if you avoid engaging in heavy tasks while wearing jewelry. This can lead to scratches on the silver and expose the stones to harsh chemicals, which could harm them or change their color. Jewelry is inherently fragile and demands gentle care. 

With proper care, my jewelry will endure for a lifetime and can become a cherished heirloom to be passed down to future generations. ੈ✩‧₊˚