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Elderwood Jewelry

Butterfly Mushroom - Ring

Butterfly Mushroom - Ring

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A whimsical ring, intricately crafted with a butterfly and mushroom duo. Perfect for those enchanted forest strolls or fairy tale dreams. Let it remind you of nature's mysteries - where wings flutter and fungi glow. Wear the magic, wear the wonder!


The width of the ring band varies, being approximately 4 mm at its narrowest point and 9 mm at its widest.

The thickness of the ring band varies, being approximately 2 mm at its narrowest point and 3.5 mm at its thickest.

Material: Sterling Silver


If you are uncertain about the size of the finger for the ring you plan to wear, I highly recommend visiting the closest jewelry shop to get a free sizing. Remember, the band's width significantly impacts the ring size, so make sure to inform the jeweler about the desired band width of the ring you intend to wear and buy from me (The band width can be found in the rings product descriptions). You can always write to me if you have any questions. Thank you! ♡ 

✧ If a sizing mistake is made on your end, I will be happy to resize the ring for you, but please note that the cost of shipping the ring back to me and then back to you will be your responsibility, so it's important to verify your size meticulously. Thank you. 

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