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Elderwood Jewelry

Fable - Necklace

Fable - Necklace

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The Fable necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece. This unique creation was meticulously designed and handcrafted by myself.

The countless hours of craftsmanship poured into it genuinely reflect its exquisite beauty. The concept of movement plays a significant role in my work, and it's through techniques like forging and fusion that I aim to suggest such dynamism.

Intense and unpredictable, fusion is one of the techniques I employed to craft this piece. Engaging directly with materials, my pieces become the tangible manifestation of my influences on metal. My personal control is balanced by the inherent properties of the materials with which I work.

The forms I create evoke the movements of a dancing flame and mirror the processes utilized to bring them into existence.

This piece will never be reproduced, affirming its unique status.

Materials: The Fable necklace is composed entirely of sterling silver, adorned with two Hessonite garnets.

Dimensions: Length: 16 cm Width: 21 cm Circumference: 58 cm *Approximate

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